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Attractive Person #16: Kenneth from 30 Rock

You’d go straight for him, no lie. Males and females.

Attractive Cool Kid #15: That kid From The Grudge/ Matthew Knight

He’s deece.

Attractive Person #14: Hayley Williams

Mmmmmm. She’s a sexy motherhugger with a desire to sing well and stuff, kay bye.

Attractive/ OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS SEXY PIECE OF MOF—Anyways #13: Andrew Van WynGarden (A.k.a:¬†I like him.)


Attractive Person #12: Rupert Grint

We can’t decide if it’s his acne or flavourable rouge locks.

No, but really.

Attractive Person/Half Person #11: The Twin Sara Quin


Attractive Person/ Half-Person #10: That Other Twin Tegan Quin

No explanation needed.

Attractive Person Hair #9: Travis Clark’s Do

Oh my god.


Attractive Person #8: Dj Ashba

I have nothing to say to you if you don’t enjoy this man.

 Attractive Person #7: Tickle Me Pink singer Sean Kennedy

I like his hair.

And his lip piercing.

And his left toe.

No not that one, the one beside it.

No, to left the more.

AAHHHHH yes, that’s it.